Special delivery!

It’s 11 pm, and I just got in from making deliveries. David and I have been sorting and cleaning and purging like crazy this weekend, and I had stacks of stuff to return to people. A few text messages to make sure folks were still awake, and I have now dropped off everything I could find that did not belong in the house. Hooray!

My friend Nancy surprised me with an early birthday gift when I dropped by her house: a mug emblazoned with “Stop me before I volunteer again!” She covered the woman’s face with a picture of my face. It was hilarious (and soooo appropriate).

I haven’t volunteered for very many new activities this fall. I did the layout and proofreading for the school directory and I’ve joined the church folk choir. I still have some old volunteer gigs ongoing (Girl Scouts, lector/eucharistic minister at church). That’s not too many (most of the time).

How about you? Are you overextended with volunteer activities? Do you have a Lost and Found basket and shelf near the front door like we do?

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for my fabulous friends. I feel truly blessed to have these wonderful women in my life.
  • I’m lighter! We swept the deck, winterized the grill, stored deck furniture in the giant hole under the house, cleaned out the linen closet, cleaned out the cupboard in the kitchen island/cart, cleaned out under the couches in the basement, watched David vacuum, took a nap, played games with the extended family and made those deliveries. Whew!

3 thoughts on “Special delivery!

  1. Okay, Li’l Lou – WHERE the heck are you finding the energy to DO all these things? I’m so very impressed and want in on the fountain of energy you seem to have found.


  2. Oh, there is no fountain of energy — just the impending deadline of the trip to Europe and a gnawing feeling of dissatisfaction with everything. There is even a bit of avoidant behavior involved; I really should be doing that dang Girl Scout paperwork, but you don’t see that on my list.

    Today (Sunday) I did not get out of bed until 1 pm, if that makes you feel any better!


  3. Hmmm, I still think you win the big production race. Side by side, I’m guessing my ever-growing list of things to do is longer than yours.

    Are you perchance thinking of any particular former teachers who are not to be outdone by anything? I am.


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