It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness

Last night I decided to clean out the cupboard of my kitchen island/cart.  It was completely filled with candles.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I like candles.  The light is gorgeous and the scents incredible.  But if you were to ask the average visitor to my home if they had ever seen a candle burning, the answer would probably be no.

Candles really just represent the trend of pre-lightened Lori:  buy a whole bunch of things you really like and intend to use (probably at a really good price), fill up a perfectly good storage space with them, then either forget you have them or just never get around to using them.  I have cursed the darkness – this clutter nightmare in which I have found myself – for years, when what I really needed to do was just light a candle, figuratively and literally.  This purging, sorting and selling have been a step in that direction.  I’m proud of the work we are doing now.

After we exploded all the plastic boxes onto the kitchen table, but before the Great Candle Purge

After pulling all the candles out and spreading them on the table, I sorted through them with the help of Lynette (who went home with a fine supply of candles for herself), deciding which I would really use and where and when I would use them.  I boxed them back up by categories, put votive holders in the places I had decided I wanted candles, and packed them back away.  They now take up half the space they did before.  I put my giant CrockPot on the top shelf, clearing off a nice section of kitchen counter.

I am very pleased with myself.  I will be more pleased when I start actually using up the candles I decided to keep.

Tell me – do you stockpile useful things and find that you do not use them?  What do you have a soft spot for?

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! that my family let me sleep all day.  I think all this work around the house is tiring me out.  I simply could not wake up and I was having all kinds of psychedelic dreams in which I was volunteering to student teach again while simultaneously at a Creative Memories convention and also mountain climbing.  (I’m not on any unusual medications at the present time, either.)
  • I’m lighter! Many candles are gone, and we are now closing in on $800 from eBay in November.  In other news, I slept right through church because my alarm did not go off.  This was bad, because I was supposed to sing with the choir.  I did a bit of soul searching and sent an email to the group in which I a) apologized profusely and b) resigned.  In the month since I joined, I had been late twice, sick once, and mysteriously absent today.  Apparently it is not a good fit for me at this time in my life, and I would prefer to enjoy the singing from the pews and maintain non-disappointing relationships with the members, all of whom I like very much.

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