Christmas Countdown #24 = Outdoor lights

Welcome to my Christmas Countdown!

Yeah, I just decided to have one, because it is December! Christmas is coming! I am excited! Most of all, I find it much easier to be productive when things are exciting, so let the festivities and the productivity begin!

As I pulled into the driveway from work tonight, I realized that our house did not look very festive.  We had a wreath up, and a little lighted tree by the front door, but that was the extent of my decorating last weekend.  This is the tree we picked up on Black Friday.  It does an excellent job of hiding the shoe rack on our front step. Sadly, my cell phone does not do such an excellent job of taking nighttime photos, but bear with me, please!

I checked the temperature – 41 degrees – and decided I could brave the “cold” and hang up our outdoor lights.  Quinland wanted to try, but after one trip up the ladder she decided it wasn’t her thing.  She assisted by tracking down burned-out bulbs and lining up replacements and by running the extension cord around the house and setting up the timer. I managed to get all the lights hung up by the time David had dinner ready (an unexpected pleasure, as we hadn’t really discussed dinner).

After dinner, I decided to hang up the garland I got on Black Friday.  I’d planned to hang it above the garage door, but at the last minute I thought it would be easier to hang it from the gutter.  A few light clips and zip ties later, we had ourselves a garland.

We are all about the old-fashioned, traditional big-bulb lights for the house. The mini lights are not bright enough for me; you don’t need to see my house from space, but you do need to see it.  The new LED lights give off an eerie glow that seems a bit too cool for my liking.  Especially the purple.  It kind of frightens me a bit with its overwhelming color.  My electric bill will go up more than the LED adopters, but that’s the price I have to pay.  Quite literally.   So here is our house in all its Christmas-light glory:

Don’t you think the tetherball pole is a nice touch?  It makes you reminisce about summer sunshine while thinking about the holidays…  OK, that’s not why it’s there.  We left it up after school started because there are two little girls two doors down who like to play.  We are kind, considerate neighbors that way. Yes, yes we are.

Are you putting up lights for the holidays?  Do you have them up already?  Do you like the big bulbs? Mini icicle lights? Cool-to-the-touch and oh-so-green LEDs?

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for a peaceful day at work today.  The office was quiet.  The phones were quiet.  Very nice.
  • I’m lighter! I left work on time, got D & Q, and got the lights up, all by dinner time.  That’s using my time well.

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