November to-do list – results


  • Post as much stuff on eBay as humanly possible  — Done! Well, all the stuff we wanted to post for the holiday season is done.
  • Call the accountant and sign papers — Done!  Already have our 2010 Federal refund in the bank, now waiting for state refund.
  • Fix the handrail on basement steps – Done!
  • Get a new faucet for the kitchen and install it – All done!  Mr. Manfranjensen came by and fixed the whole thing.  We didn’t even need a new faucet!
  • Fix the oven door handle — All done!  Mr. Manfranjensen fixed this after he fixed the faucet!
  • Car registration — Done!  Both cars are registered.
  • Call my new Girl Scout co-leader and apologize for being so behind — Done!  and she was very understanding.


  • Get Quinland an amplifier for her bass — Borrowed one from her cousin, Kaitlin.
  • Basement room cleanout — Partially done; still need to spackle and paint and finish cleaning out the closet.
  • Kaiser eye appointments – Two appointments done; still need to have a visual field exam on 12/15.
  • Put away the patio furniture – Halfway there; some stuff is going to be stored in the garage instead of the basement and we need to make space for it.
  • Girl Scout financials — Not done yet.
  • Girl Scout registrations — Not done yet.
  • Get a new garbage disposal / install it — Not done yet.

How was your November?  Did you finish your To Do List? Did you dodge the fall colds/flu, or were you laid low?  I’m looking forward to December.  I love the holidays!

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