Christmas Countdown #23 = Decorating the mantel

Before we could start decorating for Christmas, we needed to take down the November decorations.  Down came Quinland’s preschool pumpkin, along with the rest of the non-jack o’ lantern pumpkin display she had set up after Halloween.

Once everything was stripped and the mantel dusted, we started the next phase of decorating: the argument.  Q wanted to branch out into new (snowman) territory, while I wanted to stay with the tried-and-true decorations we put up every year.  I won, because I was more stubborn.  I just didn’t want to mix Baby Jesus, angels, and peace on earth with snowmen.

Actually, Baby Jesus himself doesn’t arrive until Christmas Day.

The angels are identical to the ones we had when I was little, one for each child in my family.

The stocking holders only hold the stockings when the are unfilled, or the weight tips the holders right off the mantel.

I actually knit our stockings myself!

Here’s the full view:

What do you put on your mantel for the holiday season?  Do you change anything up?  How about stockings – knit, felt, fuzzy and red?  Do you have the holders-which-barely-hold-stockings?

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! that David was patient for most of the time he had to wait for me to pick him up.  This one-car thing is no fun.
  • I’m lighter! Hmmmmm…. Have I done anything towards my mission today?  I guess I got a good night’s sleep, but that’s all I can think of.  Not my best day, for sure.

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