Christmas Countdown #19 = Q’s DIY “Merry Christmas” banner

Quinland got the idea to make a “Merry Christmas” banner on Saturday morning.  He modeled it after similar banners we have that say “Happy Easter” and “Happy Halloween.”  He started by cutting out letters from cardstock (leftover binder dividers that my boss saves for him whenever he goes to a business meeting) and then painting them red and green.

He used a hole punch and brads to attach the letters together, making a snowflake to separate the words.

Tonight we had “Finish It Up” night, so Quinland made a couple more snowflakes for each end and finished assembling the banner.  We tried hanging it in the space we use for the other banners – at the top of the sliding glass door in the breakfast nook – but the green letters are so dark that they blended into the door itself at night.

I made a command decision and moved it up and to the right so that it would show up better against the light paint as opposed to the dark window.

So that’s our new “Merry Christmas” banner!  I think it turned out really cool.  Joining the “A” to the other letters looked a bit tricky because it is so much narrower at the top, but I think your mind automatically recognizes that it should be there and so you still “see” it even though the “S” is trying to elbow it out of the way.  (S is for “show-off.”) I take credit for absolutely nothing but sticking the pushpins into the wall.  The entire project was conceived and executed by Quinland.  Good job, Q!

What new craft projects are you planning for the holidays?

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for the helpful people at the sleep clinic who were so kind to me this morning.  I am apparently down to 5.5 apneas per hour with this new machine.  (Hello? Per hour? Do I ever breathe when I am asleep?)
  • I’m lighter! I tidied up, worked on dishes and laundry, processed a huge pile of mail, talked to lovely Whitney and Grammalie Groo, watched Glee with Q, spent a very productive 15 minutes doing a Room Rescue in the office, and am now going to bed at a decent hour.

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