Christmas Countdown #18 = Origami ornaments

Quinland presented me with a lovely heart ornament she made today and promised to teach me how to make it so I could show all of you.

Start with an 8.5×11 piece of holiday-patterned paper.

Turn it face down, then fold one corner up until it touches the opposite side.  Crease, unfold, and repeat with the other corner.

Open the paper back up, and fold the bottom of the sheet up until the corners touch the point where the creases (the ones you made in the last step) end.  Crease the bottom and unfold.

This step is tricky if you are not used to doing origami.  You lift one of the corners up and push what was the bottom crease into the middle.  It kind of feels like you are turning it inside-out.  The corner you lifted up will now be up in the air; push it back down and flatten it out.  You now do the same to the other side.

Remember those corners?  The ones you just pushed down?  Pick one up and pull it down to the point at the bottom of the paper.  Flatten and repeat with the other side.

Now you are going to want to spin the whole thing (without picking it up) so the point is at the top.  To me, this thing now looks like it has a head.

You are going to fold the sides in until the diagonal edges touch the sides of the “head.”  You can pretend that they are like the sides of a bathrobe that you need to close in a big hurry.  Crease those sides down.

Now flip the whole shebang over. You are staring at the patterned side of the paper with the point (aka the top of the head) pointing away from you.  Grab the top flap of the point and pull it toward you.  Flatten it out.  (Quinland has her finger on the point and is holding it down.)

Fold the bottom edge straight up until it touches the point.

Now fold each bottom corner up to the middle. Crease very well (it’s getting pretty thick).  You are going to tuck those corners right into the little slots you will find underneath them.  Flatten, flatten, flatten.  Crease, crease, crease.  Otherwise, those babies are not going to stay put.

The last step is the hardest to explain.  See the points you have left at the top?  Take one of them and fold it so that the point touches the edge of the flap you just tucked in, about halfway between the tucked-in part and the outside edge of the heart.  The outside edge of the piece you are folding down ends up being perpendicular to the edge of the flap.  Do this on both sides and flatten well.  Then fold each of those points into the same slot you tucked those bottom corners into.  Stuff it right in there with your thumb.  And then – guess what? – flatten.  Do the same to the other side.

Flip the whole thing over and you have a beautiful heart.  We are going to use a needle and thread to make a loop to hang these on the tree.  Aren’t they pretty?

Are you an origami fan? A fan of homemade ornaments? Tell me about your favorite one that you made or someone made for you.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m incredibly grateful! that the doctor was willing to see me when I got stuck in horrible traffic and arrived 20 minutes late.  Luckily I was her last appointment of the day – which I knew – and she was running so far behind that I actually waited for her, so I felt less guilty.
  • I’m lighter! I spent a fun but too-short evening with little Deb at a CAbi party.  Well, Deb = fun. Looking at cute clothes = fun. Being the only larger-than-medium-sized person there = not as fun.  I didn’t buy anything, but I got to wear a coat that could have been worn by a redcoat if it had been red.  I wanted to play a fife.

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