Christmas Countdown #15 = Ornaments, part I

Oh, how I love Christmas ornaments! We started to unpack them and decorate the tree tonight. We don’t have one-tenth of them out yet – as Quinland says, this will probably be a three-part series, because we must give the ornaments their rightful airtime – so this is just a brief peek.

Let’s start with some childhood ornaments made by David and me. His is made from a yogurt lid and mine from felt:

Here are a few I bought in college, when I worked at a Christmas store at Washington Square. The skier is hilarious; it was missing one ski pole when I bought it, so it was marked way down and I just pretended he had dropped it. Over the years, that entire arm fell off. Can’t really explain that one away as easily.


I love crocheted-lace ornaments. In addition to a gazillion snowflakes, I have collected some special ones over the years. The bells represent the year we got married; the little angel is for our first baby, who we lost in a second-trimester miscarriage; the baby shoes, my little baby Quinland’s first Christmas.


These all remind me of tiny Quinland.  Glenda, my principal at St. Agatha, gave Quinland the little girl ornament for her first Christmas. The paper plate ornament was made by Quinland at our friend Judy’s when she was taking care of Q. The curled-paper one was given to Quinland by Ian, one of her first classmates at Tualatin Valley Preschool.

Here are a couple that remind me of my extended family. My cousin Penny made the egg ornament from a real egg, Ukrainian-style, 20+ years ago. My nephew Cullen made the little stocking ornament when he was three.


Last, but by no means least, we have what may be the most famous ornament on our tree: the Sheep Head On A Stick. We do not ask what it symbolizes; we just accept its sheer awesomeness.

More ornament goodness will follow tomorrow!

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! that the line at the Post Office was so much better than I expected today.
  • I’m lighter! I had a lovely lunch out with Deb today, and for a fun night with Quinland tonight.

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