1,000 views since the 29th of September – wow!  For a new blogger like me, that is a big deal.

Thanks to all of you who visit me here at Lighten Up!  I know that some of you read it on Google Reader or the like, so the 1,000 views isn’t totally accurate, but it is one way I know that there are People Out There.  I appreciate every single one of you.

I’d love to know who all is out there, so if you’d like to, drop me a line in the comments and tell me something about yourself.  Favorite color, favorite kind of donuts, favorite blog you read, coolest person you ever met, best overnight vacation spot, favorite Jane Austen book… whatever you like.

xo – Lori

4 thoughts on “1,000 views!

  1. Ha ha, just had to reply to this because I think you know the coolest person I ever met. You also know my favorite Jane Austen novel. (It’s funny how you always seem to veer back to that in your posts….hmmmmmmm)


    1. Thank you for the compliment! Speaking of blue, you should get a blue car. I don’t know about Jeopardy… the only game show I have ever tried out for was “So You Want To Be A Millionaire” and I didn’t make the cut. It was fun, though. I DO have all kinds of random knowledge lodged firmly in my noggin, so maybe I should do it.


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