Christmas Countdown #11 = Remembering Christmas past

I was reminiscing about past Christmases tonight, and I decided I’d share.

This was 2005, our first Christmas in our new house. (This is as far as I go back digitally.  I was a late adopter.) Look at my girl! She is so little and so beautiful. Quinland and I used to fight over the color of that dress, whether it was green or black. (I say green.)

Back then, we had Christmas in the front room of our house, the “formal” living room. These days it is a formal board game room, a sort of way station for gamers on their way in and out of the house, as well as a landing pad for Q on her way in from school.

Next comes Christmas 2006.  This picture cracks me up, with that excited face and those Christmas-maniac eyes.  I never let Quinland come downstairs to see her presents until I was ready with the camera.  Santa never wrapped her presents, and I wanted to catch the thrill of discovery on her face.

Christmas 2007 was apparently the year we started opening our presents in the family room.  Q was not so keen on the change until I explained that it was easier for Santa since that was the room where the fireplace was.  I think I just wanted to be sure that she couldn’t see her gifts; our living room is visible from the top of the stairs!

On Christmas Eve 2008, Q had as much fun with the box her new rolling backpack came in as anything!  She ripped it open, sat in it, played with the cardboard.. most of the pictures from that night were so wild, very few of them were in focus.


By 2009, my little girl was 11 years old and starting to look so much more grown up.  Here she is with her Dada, opening gifts on Christmas morning.  Look at that shorter hair!  As much as I love Quinland’s hair long, I love her increased willingness to wash and brush her shorter hair almost as much.  She really wasn’t going to be too keen on my playing with her hair forever, anyway.  Sadly.

I don’t seem to have last year’s photos on my laptop, so I’ll stop here.  Can’t wait to update with this year’s photos!

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for the chance to train Patti to do my accounting work during the time that I am gone, and for Joe basically not even bugging us while we trained!
  • I’m lighter! I got to have a very nice chat with Grammelie Groo when she called tonight.  It’s going to be fun to have everyone here for Christmas!

One thought on “Christmas Countdown #11 = Remembering Christmas past

  1. So neato (well, bittersweet really) to see how Q grows each year. A bit less little kid, and a bit more teen each year. Time passes too quickly!


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