Christmas Countdown #9 = Christmas parties

Christmas Party Week is in full swing!

We had our work party on Tuesday: seafood platters, lemon drops and hot buttered rum, pot roast and garlic mashed potatoes, creme brulee and marionberry cobbler… yummmmmm…

Tonight was party-hectic.  Quinland had two parties to attend, and there was some last-minute scrambling for gifts and wrapping and SingStar and Wii remotes and white elephants… and then there was transport to and from and back to again.

In between her parties (and after picking up poor David from having to work at school for hours and hours), David and I managed to make it to the tail-end of Deb and Trav’s annual gala.  We missed getting to visit with the neighbors, but had a lovely time hanging out with the family, especially with Kristie, Deb’s mom who is visiting.  We talked and snacked and did dishes and – some of us – drank wine.  It was very fun.  David said it was the perfect time to go to a party.  He is, shall we say, not overly fond of large crowds.  Or noise.  At all.  It can freak him out and make him antisocial.

We are going to another party tomorrow night as well.  (More than one social event? This is quite a busy weekend for us!)  But first I have to finish all my Christmas shopping and other preparations.  Sunday is my big steroid extravaganza, so I will basically be down for the count.  That pretty much leaves Saturday, since I work all week and next Saturday is Christmas Eve.  Scary!  I hope I can do it.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for The Lettered Cottage, a blog I recently discovered, which has given me some wonderful things to look at and think about this week!
  • I’m lighter! My heart is happy, because I got to spend time with good friends.  (I was going to say “old friends,” but we aren’t old yet, are we?!)

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