Christmas Countdown #7a = Christmas tree craft project!

The lovely and talented Katie Bower at Bower Power has asked to see some recent Christmas craft creations. I immediately called the cell phone of another lovely and talented young lady – my daughter, Quinland.

It has hit me like a ton of bricks that I have a teenager now. A girl who is organizing her own life, who can stay home wrapping presents while I shop for more, who made plans to hang out with her aunt today, who – apparently! – made plans to be picked up directly from said aunt’s house to go to her friend’s birthday dinner. It’s a good thing she did; today is my 200-times-the-normal-dose steroid treatment, and I’d basically slept the day away and woke up in a panic that I myself hadn’t made those plans. Still, it seems odd to no longer be Julie-the-cruise-director of her life. (Sorry for that reference, all of you under the age of 35.)

Duct Tape Christmas TreesBut, as usual, I digress. Craft, Lori! Talk about the craft! Ah yes – I called Q.

ME:  Hey, will you make a duct tape Christmas tree from scratch for me and let me take pictures of you doing it?

Q:  Sure, what’s up?

ME:  Katie Bower is doing a thing where she asked people to show her a craft…

Q (interrupting):  And she’s having a contest?!!!

ME:  No, but she is having people link up to her blog so she can see all the crafts.

Q:  I will absolutely do that for you.

Guess you can tell who wears the craft apron in this family. Yeah, I scrapbook; yeah, I am known as MacGyver because I can finagle stuff out of basically anything, but that is just necessity being the mother of invention. Quinland is genuinely naturally crafty. She recently made origami coasters (and a box to put them in!) for guests at her 13th birthday party.  This is not the sort of thing I do.

She has had a years-long fascination with duct tape as a craft medium. Duct tape wallets, of course – which she makes for other middle schoolers by special order – but also boxes, pencil-topper roses, even a shoulder bag. And now: the duct tape Christmas tree. But I’m being wiped out by the sleeping pill I have to take with the nighttime dose of the drugs, so I have got to go to sleep. I’ll have to show you all the step-by-step directions tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Daily Check-In: 

  • I’m grateful! for this horrible prednisone. (It’s drug day: twelve 50 mg tablets in the morning and another twelve at night.) Anything to slow down the MS is fine by me!
  • I’m lighter! This definitely qualifies as taking good care of myself. I went to church before the morning dose really kicked in, skipped the parish Christmas party, came home and basically went right to bed and slept the day away. It’s too bad, because I’d love to be busy and productive, but you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

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