Christmas Countdown #5 = Wrapping presents!

I do not have all my Christmas shopping done.  I admit it.  It is five days until Christmas, and I have tons o’ gifts to purchase. Okay, not tons… but pretty many.  Luckily, a certain number of the recipients will be thrilled to get gift cards, but as for the rest, it’s going to be a busy Christmas Eve.

We did shop last weekend.  David and I headed out to Stuff Mart and left the girl at home to work some gift-wrapping magic.  We set her up with paper, ribbons, bows, tape and gift tags, and she went to town. It was awesome.


We came home to a dining room table stacked with wrapped gifts, all nicely labeled.

Shortly thereafter, she had put the tree skirt on and nicely arranged all the wrapped gifts under the tree.  What a treasure that Quinland girl is.  I think we should keep her.

You may notice that we don’t have a coordinated gift wrap theme.  We just use whatever strikes our fancy.  This year, especially, we are trying to use up all the odds and ends of gift wrap so that we can have that much more clear space.  How about you?  Do you have coordinated gift wrap on your gifts? Do you use bows, ribbons, or both?  Curly ribbon? Raffia?  Stick-on tags or tie-on tags?  Let me know!

Daily Check-In:  Oh, what the heck.  This is my third post today, so I might as well check in again!

  • I’m grateful! that the NBA lockout is over.  I love my Trail Blazers and I would have been so bummed to miss the season this year.
  • I’m lighter! I used my time well tonight! Three blog posts, a clean kitchen, framed photos, a visit with Zumu and Zufu, a long-awaited chat with Lynette, and even a little baking with the Q-ster.

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