Christmas Countdown #6 = Oh, Christmas trees

(I know that today should be day #5, but I am trying to catch up since I missed #6 yesterday.)

I love lighted trees.  Sometimes I will just sit in a darkened room and stare at the tree lights.  It’s such a peaceful feeling.  Let’s look at the lights on all the trees in my house right now… the photos are kind of dark, so you can see the lights.  I hope!

First is our main Christmas tree, which is set up in the family room.  This is the real tree that we got at Century Farm in Tualatin.  All the presents go under this tree, including those in the brown paper bag you can see behind the tree, which I desperately need to wrap.

Next we have a little artificial tree in our front window, which usually just has white lights, but which Quinland festooned with silver balls this afternoon.  It goes nicely with the little lighted tree on the front doorstep.

I always use a string of lights to make a tree shape (with suction cup hooks) on the back window of our house, too.  For some reason, my photo makes this tree look really raggedy and less tree-shaped than it looks in real life.

Do you put up more than one tree?  Are they real, artificial, or simply made of lights, like mine?

Daily Check-In:

Since I already checked in today, I am going to use this time to catch up on my I’m grateful! and I’m lighter! pages.

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