Quote of the day

One effect of clutter is that you shut down – you have to spend all your energy just coping with the mess, rather than tending to the things that really matter to you. …

When clutter becomes overwhelming, something shifts in our relationship to our stuff.  For whatever reason, we hand control over to the things we own. Because of the clutter, we cannot have people into our homes; we cannot find things; we cannot move freely in our own space and we have to compromise because of the constraints the disorganization places on us. Don’t throw up your hands and act like this is beyond your control. It won’t fix itself. Step up!

– Peter Walsh, It’s All Too Much

4 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. Oh So True! It’s seems overwhelming which leads to panic. Then you shut yourself away from it. If you conscience of not filling the land fills you can’t “just throw it away”.


    1. Jane,
      You are so right. This one really resonated with me, because I truly believe the clutter in my home drains the energy right out of me. I have to keep reminding myself that if I keep things I don’t need, then I am respecting the landfill more than I am my own home. That’s pretty sobering.

      Thanks for taking time to read and comment!


      1. Good thought! It’s like everything else. I put myself last. I will have to remember this every time I hesitate to throw things away. Another good thing that I have learned is an organization called Freecycle. You google it and it wil give you the addy in your area. There is quite a bit of email involved but I have given away a ton of crafting supplies. Mostly to a woman who works with underpriviledged women. It’s a win, win situation. I get rid of it. She gets it to use. I feel good and so do they.


      2. I’ve never used Freecycle, but I have a friend who has given tons of stuff away through it. I just decided to get rid of boxes and boxes of craft supplies, so that’s an excellent tip. Thanks!


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