Christmas Countdown #2 (5 days late) = Cookie cutting cooks

Christmas is a doubly-good holiday for bakers, and Quinland loves to bake.  You already saw our fantastically iced cookies from Girl Scouts, which inspired Q to try some of her own. Her friend Mariah came over to help her. I manned the camera. Badly. Hopefully you will soon see a post that says, “I’m taking a photography class!”


Tunes are very necessary when you are 13.  By “necessary,” I mean ever-present, always on, non-stop.

We have very little counter space in our kitchen.  I installed some (really bright!) lights I got from IKEA last month, which makes the dark, tiny corners slightly less dark, but for real elbow room, our gigantic IKEA Norden table is much better.

Gotta represent Rip City on the blog.  That’s #88, Nicolas Batum. (Batum-shaka-laka!)  Q got this shirt signed by Monsieur Batum last season, which was tres cool. (Yeah, she’s a Green Day fan, too.)

Anyway, the table gave them a little more rolling space:


Then they are ready to go into the oven!  Thanks, girls!

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for Greg, our new housemate (although I haven’t seen him since he moved in this morning!).  As he said to Quinland, today is the first day of his year-long sleepover.  I foresee much game playing in the next few weeks.
  • I’m lighter! by a bag of Creative Memories plastic bags, about 8 binders, 10 VHS tapes, and a few cardboard boxes.  I also made about six trips up and down the stairs carrying boxes.  Whew!

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