Blast off! = Christmas recap

Yes, the Christmas Countdown is over.  So is Christmas.  I already wished you a Merry Christmas back on Christmas Day, so today we’ll just look back on our fabulous holiday. (I will add photos when I get home from the office.  Or perhaps tomorrow.  Or both, but I hope not.)

I will forever appreciate having an older child who lets us sleep in on Christmas morning.  Quinland woke up at 8 AM, but let us sleep in until after 9.  Hooray!

Lynette and Joe came up the hill to join us for opening stockings and brought bacon and eggs for breakfast.  David did the cooking after Quinland made sure he opened one of his presents (new skillets!). 

Meanwhile, as we moved through the morning, I shouldered the task of worrying about presents not-yet-purchased, presents not-yet-wrapped, and presents that were less-than-stellar… thus leading to my aforementioned Christmas meltdown.  Please tell me that I am not the only one that gets overly emotional on Christmas morning after staying up all night wrapping presents.  Anyone? …  Anyone? …  

Well, it’s all in the past, anyway.  I definitely enjoyed the preparations for Christmas more this year, thanks to the blog.  I was able to spread the decorating out over time instead of either a) rushing to throw things up at the last minute or b) not getting around to doing anything and being frustrated with myself.  I didn’t get around to everything this year; we didn’t put up the garland on the stairway or do an advent calendar.  But that’s fine.  We’ll be that much more excited about it next year!

Did the holidays fulfill your expectations this year? 

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for Little Ina gifting me with a lovely pear today when I was very hungry, and for Miss Patti being so flexible with her time.  Love you girls!
  • I’m lighter! We used our time well and were able to get D & Q’s passport applications turned in today.  I had to go with them, as they needed both parents present.  Kind of a bummer on a busy day at work (where I still am at 10:59 PM – but I’m leaving soon!  I promise!).  Cross that off the Europe-preparation list!

2 thoughts on “Blast off! = Christmas recap

  1. Um, thanks for the shout-out, but really, it was nothing. I’m grateful for you being so grateful. Love you, Li’l Lou.

    How are you celebrating tonight, New Year’s Eve? I’m home after spending the afternoon with Little Colleen, settling in to watch “Doctor Zhivago.”


  2. Our NYE was very quiet. Q went to Marley’s for games and fun, while we stayed home and worked on the craft room. I was on a roll and could not be stopped. It was a good night all around. “You must begin as you mean to go on,” so it was nice to begin with hard work and organization.


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