Getting the craft room ready for the new year!

(Argh.  I missed posting this on 12/31 by 10 minutes, due to photo issues.  Oh, well.)

Whew!  I have been hard at work all day (well, not all day, since I didn’t get up until after noon) redoing the playroom-turned-craft room.  When I got in there this afternoon, it was a complete disaster.  I didn’t get a photo until after the three of us had cleared and cleaned away most of the scrap paper, trash, and other junk.  At that point, we had this:

Since I’ve been reading Peter Walsh’s It’s All Too Much, we had a family powwow in the craft room, with each of us stating what we liked, what we hated, and what we wished for in the room.  That done, I knew we needed a cutting area; space for sewing stuff; a place for scrapbook paper and supplies; separate workspaces; and oh-so-much storage, some hidden, some not.

I got to work.  When the room had been converted from a guest room to a playroom many years ago, I removed the closet doors and made a curtain out of a colorful shower curtain from IKEA.  I stuck a white desk we had into the closet – it fit perfectly – and that became the cutting area.  My sewing machine and sewing supplies are on shelves behind the curtain, along with some boxes of individual scrapbook projects.

The big, heavy monster of an oak credenza that was under the window switched places with some white laminate storage units.  Some plastic towers were put into service for a) cutting tools and punches (the white one by the closet, above); b) scrapbook supplies in current use (the white one shown below); and c) surplus scrapbook supplies for the future (the black one). I pulled out some more of that shower curtain fabric and covered a bulletin board to balance out the plastic supply towers.

My old desk from college was set up for Q,  and David and I put together a cute bookshelf that was Q’s favorite at IKEA.  I’ve never hung a shelf so heavy – it has drawers with runners and everything – but I secured it in the studs, so I think we are good to go.  It was just about the same length as my old desk.  (Yes, the desk is pushed right up against the bookcase, but it has a swing-leg and a folding top, so I can get to my extra pages and page protectors that are stored behind it whenever I need them.)  I still have to hang a rail with cute buckets and hooks over the desk and clear away a bunch of stuff before I show the entire view, but I think we made great progress today!

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for all the help I got from my lovely family today, and for the fact that all the furniture in the craft room fit – tightly, but it fit!
  • I’m lighter! This is a project that has been a long time in the making.  It feels so good to actually be getting it done.  This is such an odd room – it’s basically like a triangle with one end cut off – that it was hard to make everything fit.

2 thoughts on “Getting the craft room ready for the new year!

  1. You are the best judge, since you saw it at its worst!

    For full disclosure – so no one thinks my house actually looks like a magazine – should I let everyone know about the 12 file boxes of photos and memorabilia and fabric stacked in Quinland’s bathtub? (Thank goodness he prefers my shower…)


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