New Year’s resolutions for 2012

It may seem like I am a day late to be making resolutions, but I assure you that today is the Official New Year’s Holiday.  It doesn’t seem like it to me, because I have been at work for more than eight hours, but that’s another story.  Just take my word for it: I am still on time.  Really. On to the resolutions!

In 2012, I hereby resolve to:

Get up early. When I was being Patti back in October, I was getting up an hour or so earlier than usual.  I really liked the peaceful way my days would start.

Be on time. Going along with the extra cushion of time in my morning, I want to feel the peace that comes with allowing myself extra time all through my day.

Leave work on time. It seems simple: WORK from 9 – 4:30, and then LEAVE. I’ll beat the traffic and have more time at home with my family.

Blog responsibly. Daily = gooooood. Late at night = not so good. That is the path that leads to late nights online and lack of sleep. So I will be shooting for a daily post, but if I would be sacrificing sleep to do it, I’m gonna skip a day.

Shop at home. Not shop from home… shop at home. I love to shop. Love it. Love, love, love it. Whoever coined the term “retail therapy” had me in mind. That said, I am pretty frugal and don’t overspend… but I definitely overbuy. I have enough. More than enough. If you took everything from my house and put it on shelves in a TJ Maxx, I’d be thrilled to go out periodically and buy it back. So I need to shop my own shelves and…

Put what I have to good use. There’s no sense in buying books and not reading them, having music and not listening to it, having kitchen gadgets and not cooking, right? (Can I hear an “Amen,” please?) It’s an added bonus that the time spent using my stuff is that much less time I have to acquire more.

Get rid of the excess. I am going to spend six months in Europe this year. I am going to pack one small bag and live happily contentedly well. I know myself – the last time we traveled like this I missed my stuff. But I didn’t need it. So why do I think I need to have so much at home?

Follow The Rules. They are simple. I can recite them by heart: Take your medicine. Keep cool. Get good sleep. Eat good food. Drink lots of water. Get good exercise. Do a little at a time. Don’t take on too much. If I follow them, I will be healthy and keep the MS in check. Who wouldn’t like that?

Here’s a resolution for all of you for 2012:

Keep in touch. We will be on an exciting but (possibly) kind of lonely journey and will miss you. You will be living your regular lives and might forget how much we will need contact with home. I’m glad we live in the era of email and Facebook, but don’t forget that you can comment on the blog at any time!

Daily  Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! that year-end is now done, and that my family was so patient with my being gone all day.
  •  I’m lighter! I really wanted to get this blog post done early so I can get to bed early, so I can get up early. See me hitting the ol’ resolutions already?

2 thoughts on “New Year’s resolutions for 2012

  1. Here’s my two-week check in: on work days, I’ve been pretty much on time and leaving on time most days. On drug days, not so much. I’ve still been blogging pretty late, but getting offline soon after. I haven’t shopped much, but I have brought some planned purchases in. I am definitely using what I have. Not such a bad start!


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