On the M.E.N.D.

I have a couple of books by Victoria Moran, one called Creating a Charmed Life and the other, Fit from Within, which I am reading now. I googled her yesterday and found a cool article which really resonated with me.

She uses the acronym M.E.N.D. to describe a lifestyle that can make a person look and feel younger, but it really seems like a prescription for just plain good health.

M = Meditation
E = Exercise
N = Nourishment
D = Detoxification

Meditation included quiet time, prayer and journaling, all of which I need to increase in my life. Nourishment included not just nutrition, but everything you take in: your environment, your conversation, even music or movies. She talked about detox in a traditional way, of removing toxins from your body, but it could also stand for removing toxins from your life… which is what this blog is all about for me – getting rid of what is bogging me down and creating a life that lifts me up.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for a Blazer win! I really did not think we would beat the Thunder in Oklahoma City. (Anything is possible at home in the Rose Garden.)
  • I’m lighter! I got up early, got to work on time, and left at the stroke of 4:31. Sadly, it is now 11:43 and I am not in bed, so I need to get going. Good night!

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