December to-do’s – How did I do?

It’s January! Time to look back at the month of December.  What had I intended to do? What did I actually get done?  Let’s take a look at that list.


I had to start with the Fun goals because I accomplished all of them.  My other goals? Not so much.

GOALS COMPLETED:  (Hooray! Good job, me!)

  • Get Quinland an amplifier for her bass — Done! Cousin Kaitlin’s borrowed amp is working well, and Q is playing bass with the middle school band.
  • Go to Kaiser for visual field exam — Done! Baseline test was normal, hooray!

GOALS KIND OF COMPLETED: (Keep going! You can do it!)

  • Get a new garbage disposal / install it — the current one has a crack in it, and if you use it, it sprays gunk around under the sink.  The next action was supposed to be:  Buy a new garbage disposal.  Actually, Portland has just started a food composting program, so we just stopped using the garbage disposal completely. Solves the problem, but not really a fix.
  • Basement room prep — our friend Greg is going to move in soon and stay on while we are in Europe, and he needs a nice place to live.  I did the next action: Spackle/repair screw holes in walls. I cleaned out the huge stuffed-to-the-gills-with-craft-supplies closet. I still have to get stuff out of the big family room down there so Greg can set up his big sectional and even bigger TV.
  • Put away the last of the patio furniture – because it is rainy now and the furniture is made of wood and I don’t want it to get ruined.  The next action was supposed to be: Make room in the garage for the last few pieces. We made some room and moved some of the pieces, but the job is not finished.

EPIC FAIL: (Dude – get this stuff done. Come on, now.)

Girl Scout financials — were due June 30, 2011.  If I don’t get them in by December 1, my girls may not be able to sell cookies.  Still not done.  This is not okay. They have to be in before January 7th. I WILL get them turned in.

Girl Scout registrations — should have been in by October 1.  Girls can’t go to another meeting or event until I make sure they are all registered.  I did get more information on how to handle this. The delay was that we are merging with another troop, and didn’t know if the girls have to / had to register in that troop. They do. However, they are not all registered in that troop yet. They MUST get registered this week.

What is up with me and procrastinating on the Girl Scout stuff? I have a feeling know that I am way overextended and thus I am subconsciously avoiding the whole thing.  Okay, maybe not so subconsciously…

But now that push has come to shove, I’ll get ‘er done. Just watch me.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! that my little Q was willing to try a yoga class with me today. It was hard but I loved it.
  • I’m lighter! I had a good day: cleaned up stuff downstairs, got rid of a big stack of movies and a baby monitor (yeah, she’s 13), and went to yoga.

2 thoughts on “December to-do’s – How did I do?

  1. Lori, I love you!! Your blog is inspiring! I love your mug ‘stop me before I volunteer again’ — that was me last year!! Just wanted to say ‘hi’ and keep up the great work!! and Go Blazers! (good win last night!)


  2. Oooh, I’m blushing! Thanks, DL – it’s so fun to have you here.

    My friend Nancy gave me that mug… she knows me well. I am a sucker for the “But nobody else is stepping up to do it” situation, even though if I gave it some thought, I would know I can’t do it properly, either.

    And yes – Go Blazers! I thought we beat the Lakers pretty handily. We just need to keep it up!


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