Stand and deliver!

I have been sorting paperwork all day.

Last night, when I got started, I brought all the papers I needed to go through into my bedroom and spread them out on the bed. Today, I spread the piles out on my desktop and sorted them there.

I got to thinking… I really work better standing than sitting. It energizes me and keeps me focused on the task for much longer. I know that sitting all day is stressful on your body, as well.

So I decided to google “standing desks” and see what I could find. I was amazed at the different options I found.

Uncle Alex Stand Up Desk (2010 model)
As found at
option5.jpg (22096 bytes)
As found at
From Martina at

I think I might try it. Have you ever used a standing desk?

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! that I got to have dinner with Lynette tonight. We had a girl night while the boys played poker.
  • I’m lighter! I got rid of 10 items out of my closet today.

4 thoughts on “Stand and deliver!

  1. At Boeing they let (The ones in Tim’s group) Pick thier workstation. He has a guy in the group that has a standing desk. another who sits on a large ball.


    1. It’s so cool that they are flexible enough to do what works for each person. I’m sure it makes the people that much more satisfied to work there. I tried lifting up my monitors to standing height and Joe kind of freaked, although we know how much he likes to work on the countertop.


    1. Oooh, that’s one I didn’t find there. I love Ikeahackers. It makes me want to go to the As-Is and start stripping things apart. I need to make a trip up there to check out their backpacks. Q is convinced that they are what we need for the trip.


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