What kind of life do you want to live?

In It’s All Too Much, Peter Walsh makes a very interesting point: Clearing the clutter isn’t about “the stuff.”

Walsh maintains that the only way to get organized and stay that way is to begin by imagining the life you want to live. Once that is clear to you, you need to look at each item in your home and decide whether it supports you in living that life, or if it takes you away from it. This is very different from “Do I have space for this?” or “Do I use this or love this?” If I use something regularly but it is keeping me stuck in a life that I no longer want to lead, then perhaps it should go.

Even before reading this book, I had decided what I wanted my life to look like. I envisioned myself:

Sound familiar? Yes, it is my Lighten Up! Mission.  Still, although I knew I wanted that life, I hadn’t exactly thought about my things in that particular way. From now on, each time I consider a particular object in my home, I need to see if it, specifically, is bringing me closer to that ideal life.

Getting rid of any unneeded stuff helps meet my goal of living in a beautiful, orderly, clutter-free home. I suppose I could make the argument that anything that makes me smile or brings good memories meets my goals for positive thoughts and for joy; but really, if a photo of the object would do the same thing, then do I really need to keep the object itself?

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for the chance to visit with my friend Raina at soccer today!
  • I’m lighter! I spent a very productive afternoon going through financial paperwork and getting stuff input into Quicken. Very proud of myself.

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