This MS is my kryptonite

Whine alert! I am feeling sorry for myself. Hopefully I’ll pull myself out of my funk by the end of this post… because the blog is like therapy for me, you know.

I have been working on stuff like crazy: housework, decluttering work, paperwork, work work… and then I wake up this morning with a weird leg. There are never words to describe it, not even to the doctors. It’s not pain; it’s bothersome and distracting and annoying. Pins and needles. Tingly. Numb-ish. Just generally not right. Some questions, some tests, some discussions with Kaiser neurology… and I get to do three days of mega-prednisone, starting tonight. Hooray, I’m for the other team.

Don’t get me wrong; I love the superpowers of prednisone. I really do. It is good that there is something that stops a flare-up from really bursting into flame. But it wipes me out. That I don’t like.

I was doing well! I was being productive! I was saving the world, one Goodwill box at a time! Then this darn MS has to rear its ugly head and rob me of my superpowers. Hmph.

It is annoying to be home sick, surrounded by stuff you want to be doing, but needing to lie down because you have taken 200 times the normal amount of a steroid. It is frustrating. I am deeply disappointed. (Some of you know that this is my rephrase whenever Quinland says, “That sucks.”  Oh, you are deeply disappointed?)

So… argh. Dagnabit. Rats’n-frats’n MS. Blaaaaaaaaah.

OK, still in a funk. I think I will go double down and watch the Blazer game. Then I will dutifully swallow the horse pills and know that I am taking good care of myself by slowing down for a few days. Even superheroes need a break sometimes.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! to Lynette and Joe for making it possible for me to get to Kaiser today.
  • I’m lighter! … I’d better go find something to get rid of. There: I got rid of a book.

6 thoughts on “This MS is my kryptonite

  1. But, if you recall, Superman *always* overcame his Kryptonite weakness! You are so much a superhero–you do and do and do, and your attitude is admirable!

    You deserve a little whine, and have some for me, too!



  2. I’m sad you’re having a flare-up. I’m pleased you ended on a funny note. Got rid of a book. Don’t know why, but I find it very funny.

    I hope you can enjoy some of today’s glorious (Franz’s fave word) sunshine, Sunshine.


  3. Oh, my wonderful friends, you are just what I need. Love and a positive attitude go a long way. I am in a weird window right now where i just took dose #2 but it hasn’t kicked in yet, and the sleeping pill is still keeping most of dose #1 at bay, so I came to the blog. A million thanks to both of you for making me feel a little better.

    As for that book, Little Ina, it was called “How to Dress Like a Million without Spending a Million.” I figured, I don’t need THAT. Heck, I could write a book myself! It would be called “How to Dress Schlumpy on Clothes You Find Around the House: Casual, Comfortable and Not Too Trendy.”


    1. I’d buy that book! I wonder if you’re working on it right now.

      I think I’ve taken the first step in “that” direction, where, y’know, you wear sweats to the grocery store. I took Mittzi for a walk the other evening (post twilight so as not to be too obvious) wearing my pajamas.


  4. Pajamas are de rigueur for dog walking, taking the trash to the curb, and checking the mail, but only in the late night / early morning hours. That’s detailed in chapter three of my book. 🙂


    1. Interesting! Oh, the things I can learn from your book. I can’t wait to have my own copy. I wonder what the chapter on Thanksgiving attire will be like.


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