Am I practicing what I truly value?

So… did you read Zen Habits yesterday? No? Okay, I’ll wait.

Were you as struck by Leo’s post as I was? All day yesterday, all night, all day today, I have been thinking about what I practice. What are the things I have practiced so much that I am now “good at”? Are they the things I truly value in my life? It was scary how quickly some less-desirable but well-practiced skills came to mind.

In my morning routine: Hitting the snooze button. Skipping breakfast. Rushing out without a lunch. Leaving later than I should for work.

During my work day: Setting things aside to file later. Leaving emails in my inbox instead of attaching them to files. Minimizing the number of times I get up from my desk.

In my evening routine: Starting dinner way too late. Letting Q have too much screen time. Choosing not to exercise. Choosing not to contact anyone socially. Randomly attacking chores instead of having a routine.

At bedtime: Getting ready for bed too late. Not maintaining or checking my calendar. Not planning my clothes/lunch for the next day. Piling things up next to my bed.

I see a pattern in the actions I practice… or should I say, don’t practice.  I am not doing the things I profess to value, the things that would “get the job done.” My choices are making my life more difficult.

By not practicing what I truly value, I am making my own life more difficult.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for a comedian named Mitch Hedberg, who I had never heard of before tonight, who has now made me laugh out loud over and over.
  • I’m lighter! I am getting caught up at work. This is good. I also got rid of a plant that has been on its last legs (roots?) for the past 6 years. This is also good!

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