Laziness? Listlessness? Sloth? Inertia?

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This is how I feel tonight.

Okay, not today, because today is DRUG DAY! And I am using the power of prednisone for GOOD and not for EVIL! And if it seems like a good idea to sing “Fire and Rain” or “Oh, What a Night” or Ultravox’s “Vienna,” and to sing loudly, it probably IS! As long as you are also doing dishes and talking on the phone to people! And also laundry! And moving furniture!

I took a sleeping pill over an hour ago, so I am now calm enough to sit down and blog. And eat cereal. And a banana. And maybe some ice cream. On a cone. And maybe Nutella.

There is some irony in the fact that this post is about laziness. My laziness. You might say, “Oh, Lori, you are not LAZY! You are always working on some crazy thing scheme or plan or project!” That is true. But perhaps that is all a smokescreen for the fact that I am not doing a lot of things that I ought to want to be doing (as evidenced by all the things I am good at that do not please me). And why am I not? I decided to probe a bit deeper…

It’s Google Time.  Thank you,!

Definition of laziness: an inclination not to do work or engage in activities.

Hmmm….  Why, yes, I have been known to have such an inclination.

Lazy Dog
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This is how I felt last week.

Synonyms: idleness, indolence, inertia, shiftlessness, sloth

Oooh. I can get behind inertia, but the rest of those are far less appealing. Let’s look at some related words.

Related words: apathy, languor, lassitude, lethargy, listlessness, sluggishness, supineness; dallying, goldbricking, loafing, lolling, lounging

Ah. See, I definitely have my periods of listlessness and sluggishness, with gusts of apathy and lethargy. But I don’t think I’m a slacker.   So loafing and lounging are RIGHT OUT. But perhaps I am asking myself the wrong questions. Perhaps I actually AM a slacker. Perhaps I really DO have an inclination not to do work! The real question is, why? Why, when the benefits of doing the work are so attractive?

Antonyms: drive, industriousness, industry

Near antonyms: ambition, enterprise, go, hustle, initiative; assiduousness, diligence, perseverance; animation, briskness, energy, exuberance, jazziness, liveliness, lustiness, pep, peppiness, robustness, sprightliness, vibrancy, vigor, vim, vitality, vivacity

Who wouldn’t like that? Believe me, tonight I have had some serious hustle, some  exuberance and pep, some vim and vitality. And I have gotten stuff DONE! And visited with my dad and Little Deb! And moved furniture! (Did I mention the furniture?) Okay, so it was all medication-induced… but it was really rewarding. By getting things done and not succumbing to inertia, I would actually be REWARDING myself. Good things would happen! I would have fun! I would enjoy peace and serenity! I would have that joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart to STAY!

Long story short: that would be awesome.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! that the hyper-ness of the prednisone turned out well and productive today, instead of jittery and panicky like it did last week. Keep the prayers coming that dose #2 tomorrow doesn’t flatten me again.
  • I’m lighter! I am going to turn the whole main floor of my house into a garage sale in a mere 10 days. I’m selling furniture. I’m getting rid of knicks, knacks, and paddywacks. I’m going to let Quinland slap price tags on stuff and collect money. I’m going to prepare the whole thing and then go scrapbooking with Deb and let D & Q work the sale.

One thought on “Laziness? Listlessness? Sloth? Inertia?

  1. It is wonderful to see how brilliant and intelligent you remain through prednisone attacks! Yes, you must let D & Q do the selling while you go off and do something fun! It is the ONLY way!

    And I tend to think, being your intertia twin, that this still goes back to perfectionism. We can’t do anything until we can DO IT PERFECT, which of course is either a) subjective, b) impossible, c) unnecessary or d) far less fun and way more overwhelming than doing something we KNOW we are good at, like reading, writing, trivia, singstar, telling jokes.

    So: that is our Joy-related goal, dear sister: Die, perfectionism, die! 🙂


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