Indoor garage sale!

My awesome garage sale sign! #decim8
Photo by ryanrocketship

We are getting ready to have an indoor garage sale next weekend. Basically, we are moving anything we want to sell to the main floor of our house and removing anything we want to keep.  Then we’ll invite the whole neighborhood in to buy whatever they see. That’s the plan, at any rate! I am hoping that the novelty of actually getting to go to a “garage sale” in chilly January will bring them out in droves.

What are we selling? A sofa, a love seat, two armchairs, four bookshelves, two desks, a filing cabinet, a small guitar, a small drum set, a huge CD shelf, and, as Quinland just described it, “a bunch of other junk.” All kinds of Creative Memories products, books, videos, games, toys… you name it. I can’t wait for it to all be gone. I feel like one of the contestants on Clean House. (I doubt that anyone is going to give me a stack of money and bring in a designer to redo a couple of rooms, sadly!)

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for my crockpot pot roast. I need to cook in the crockpot more often.
  • I’m lighter! As this garage sale thing starts to look like a real sale, it’s amazing how much more eager I am to part with things! I look at a bookcase and think, “Have I really purged that completely yet? Can any more books go? This is a huge change for me.

2 thoughts on “Indoor garage sale!

  1. I won’t make it to the Garage sale Due to we wont be coming down for a few more months. But what Kind of Creative Memories will you be selling? Can I buy and pay for shipping from a far?

    Crock pot yum. I am crock potting chilli today should be done when I get home. Yumm.


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