The cream of the crop

Ladies and gentlemen… I am getting rid of books.

This is shocking. (My eyes… MY EYES!!!!)

We are getting ready to take books to Powell’s in preparation for the Indoor Garage Sale Extravaganza. I decided to empty the bookshelves in my bedroom, sort the books by type, and purge HALF of every category of books. The books I keep should be the best of the best, the cream of the crop.

Sort books by type? Ah, yes. The bookshelves in my room are the Land of Non-Fiction. Reference. Self-Help. Life Improvement. Home Improvement. Time Management. You get the picture.

How many books are we talking about here? Well, I just put the 102nd purged book into the Powell’s box. The third Powell’s box, actually. I am not done yet, either. There are still books covering half the bed, though not quite as deeply as they were originally. This photo was taken after I filled the first box.

Um… this is a monumental achievement! I know! Isn’t it incredible? Back in August (as documented by this post),  I was hyperventilating over the thought of getting rid of a single book on decluttering. Now, I can look at a stack of thirty and get rid of 15.

Just like that? No, it’s hard. It has basically taken the whole day. Still, it is such a major accomplishment that it has been well worth it.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for the fun time Quinland had with her friends Scout and Hannah.
  • I’m lighter! Yeah, I am, baby! By 102 books and counting!

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