The best and the worst

This is going to be a random post, I know. Thanks for being here even when I am random.

I was talking with my friend Patti today (do you remember Patti?) about the best and worst things anyone had ever said to me. (I can’t even remember how it came up. Basically, she is in training to learn how to do my work while I am gone, and I – apparently – am running my mouth. Nothing new to see there.)

The best: I was once on a date and someone told me, “You are the most fascinating person I have ever met.” Not a first date, either. I didn’t let it go to my massive cranium, however. Why? Because not too long before that, I’d heard…


The worst: A different someone once broke up with me by telling me, “If we stay together any longer, I am going to ask you to marry me… and if I marry you, it will ruin my life.” He wouldn’t tell me why.

So my head stayed its normal size, I married someone other than those two, and I can say with confidence that I did not ruin his life. In fact, I have been actively not ruining his life for almost twenty years. But I’ll save that for a different random post.

How about you? Has anyone ever built you up or knocked you down like that? Funny how these things stick with you even after more than twenty years.

Photos by striatic, from here.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for a peaceful day at work. I had good training time with Patti and also cleaned out some old files. Hooray!
  • I’m lighter!I got some stuff input into Quicken and I made a fabulous healthy dinner.

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