Celebrate Portland

scrapbooking supplies
Photo by shimelle

Okay, it wasn’t technically called Celebrate Portland this year. I believe it was Memory Celebration or some such thing. Either way, it was almost twelve hours of scrapbooking goodness.

I am lucky enough to go to Celebrate Portland every year with my BFF. Deb has treated me to a ticket as a birthday gift (Thank you! I love you!) for the past countless years, and we both look forward to this day to hang out and visit and – yes – get some work done.

Deb always does more pages than I do. Part of this is our natural temperament: she is decisive and efficient, I am… less decisive and less efficient. Part is the fact that she always has her stuff together well in advance, photos printed and all. I tend to stay up until 2:47 am the night before, throwing things into my rolling cart in a frenzy, and I usually get there missing pages or photos or memorabilia or some necessary accoutrement. (This state lends itself to the aforementioned deficit in decision and efficiency.)

Still, I do get some scrapbooking done. This time, I helped Deb start and finish (!) an album of our trip to Ireland in 1988 (for a friend – each of ours is done!), and then I worked on wrapping up our family album for 2002. Don’t be misled into thinking that any years prior to or subsequent to 2002 are completed. Just rejoice with me about 2002. Hooray! Good job, me!

This year I experienced a first: a chair massage halfway through the day. I am here to proclaim it A Very Good Thing. The therapist said my neck/shoulder on the right were really knotted and asked if there was anything causing me to shift my weight / lean to the right. I said, “Like a bad left leg?” She suggested I do some additional stretching. Charles suggested that last Thursday. Something is telling me I ought to consider it. (I know, I know…)

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! to little Deb for a fabulous day!
  • I’m lighter! I spent lovely, relaxing time with Deb; took care of myself with a massage (which doesn’t come close to mitigating the effects of all the candy I consumed, but oh, well); productively scrapbooked; and am lighter by a stack of duplicate photos. Quite the day!

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