The “One In, One Out” rule

Book Barn
Photo by chillihead

I dropped by Goodwill today and found fifteen books I wanted to buy. After our big book purge of last weekend, I have committed to a “One in, one out” rule for books, so I had to look at the Goodwill books more critically than usual.

  • Did I really need these books?
  • Would they bring me closer to the life I want to live?
  • Did I want them more than the books I have at home, which I had already decided were the Cream of the Crop?

I ended up putting six back. The other nine are still sitting in my car, because they can’t come into the house until I choose the nine books that are going to leave.

I feel good about my decisions. Three of the books are MS books, which I look for every time I go to Goodwill and which they never have in stock. Hooray!

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for the kind Street Roots guy outside Powell’s today who graciously opened the door for me in the pouring rain (all eight times I went through it).
  • I’m lighter! by a ton of cardboard, a ton of random bits of hardware, a big file of old credit card statements, at least a dozen office organizer things, and a big stack of paper (now recycled). We’ve been working like fiends in the garage tonight.

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