Garage sale recap

It turns out that David scheduled the garage sale for both Saturday and Sunday, so this is your Garage Sale Halftime Report.

First day sales = $498. Whoo hoo!

Big ticket items included the loveseat, First Act guitar and drums, and a bike I got from Goodwill. All the rest was small stuff. We put out a number of things that one or the other of us was convinced would never sell, and of course all those things are gone! You can never tell what people will buy. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

We got up before 6 am to finish pricing, and I left at 7 to hang signs at every intersection. I got complimented on my good signage and I was proud. As a garage saler myself, I appreciate good signs (and their timely removal!). I also appreciate low prices, so I tried to let people haggle as often as they wished. I always counter, of course, because that’s the fun of the whole garage sale experience.

I got to visit with some friends, old and new! Ina, Deb and Natalie, Linda and Nicole, and 3/4 of the Frainey clan dropped in for a chat. DonnaLyn and Karen did, too, but I missed them as I got called in to work for a couple of hours. Some new neighbors came by and invited us over for a glass of wine in the near future. I am definitely in favor of this kind of neighborly fraternization.

We will be doing this garage sale thing again tomorrow. By “we,” I mean David. I will be a) reading at 8:30 Mass, b) going to Quinland’s soccer game and c) taking a nap, if I can get away with it. This weekend is going to be exhausting!

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for a thorough trouncing of the Denver Nuggets, and for Nicolas Batum’s career-high points and franchise-record 9 three-pointers. Batum-Shaka-Laka!
  • I’m lighter! by five outdoor chairs, an extra nightstand, and a bike. None of these things were on the market before today, but in the excitement of things, I sold them all.

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