Out with the old

Garage sale weekend is at an end. We have started to pack up boxes, input our donations into “It’s Deductible,” and make trips to Goodwill. We have filled the car three times so far, and we are by no means finished.

Total sales for the weekend: about $650. Definitely worth the time and effort, I’d say! We still have the hide-a-bed and the armchairs from the family room to deal with, but we sold all the other furniture – even the bookcases I built (very badly) almost 20 years ago. David spent the whole weekend hoping someone would buy them; thankfully, I sold them at the tail end of the sale today.

The tricky thing about garage sales is that they force you to get rid of your stuff twice: once when you decide to purge it, and a second time when you actually have the sale and either sell it or pack it up to go to Goodwill. It’s funny how excess stuff suddenly looks attractive again after it sits in a box in the garage for a few months.

So this may be our last sale. Although we made good money, when you factor in the hours of time we spent setting everything up, working the sale, and then repacking it, it almost isn’t worth the income-per-hour. It’s quicker and easier to just pack it all of to Goodwill in the first place and take the tax deduction. I know… I’ve said it before. Maybe it’s like childbirth: when enough time passes, you forget about what hard work it is and you are ready to do it again. So ask me in about three years.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! that Q’s friend Molly wants to be a Girl Scout. She’d be an awesome addition to our troop.
  • I’m lighter! by a number of old files at work. I’m on a massive file cleanout project right now, getting things ready for Patti. It’s nice to only have the things that you are currently using. (Words to live by!)

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