Spring cleaning in the not-so-little house

Photo by Schnittke

I am in the mood for spring cleaning. I want to take everything out of the house and beat the rugs and re-stuff the mattress ticks with fresh, sweet-smelling hay and black the stove. Unfortunately, I do not live on the prairie with my big sister, Mary, and my little sister, Baby Carrie. Or – I should say – fortunately, they do not live here with me.

Laura and Mary, for example, didn’t have much to dust: the mantel, Pa’s bracket, the china shepherdess. Later, I suppose, they had the whatnot, but that had, what – five shelves? And they got smaller as they went up, so I’d call it three or four, really. I know they didn’t have modern appliances, but heck, they only had one tin cup between the two of them until Mr. Edwards brought the stuff from Santa, so it’s not like a dishwasher would have been such a big help. A broom certainly does the trick when you only have a room or two to sweep.

I don’t envy them on Mondays, though. Remember – that’s Wash Day. I’m glad I don’t have to stir clothes over a boiling kettle with a stick. I may have not have front loaders, but I can do the math: my 15-year-old top-loading washer > kettle and stick.

Sigh. These are the days I am convinced we should have Just Said No to this house and looked for a modest cottage or a claim shanty. I have too many bathrooms and too many square feet and no energy to clean them all. But I want that spring-cleaned feeling, so I will buckle down and get to work. I’ll try to take before-and-after photos for you.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for the fact that I have any friends at all. Sometimes I do not understand why everyone I know doesn’t hate me. They probably all do, at times… so I suppose I should be grateful that they somehow get over it and still remain my friends.
  • I’m lighter! I have been looking at apartments in Lisbon all evening. I really want to get something on the books ASAP.

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