Busy day, relaxing night

We woke up this morning and moved furniture. We moved a sofa up from the basement (around the house, up the hill, through the mud) and moved a giant TV up the basement stairs. We set up the stereo and the many media delivery devices as well. In the midst of it all, Q and I went to Kaiser for fasting bloodwork (which took hours) and to Home Depot to get Greg a closet shelf and bar. It was quite the productive day.

This evening, I went out for dinner with my two Girl Scout co-leaders. We had a marvelous time, just drinking and talking and swapping life stories. They have invited me to be in their book group when I get back! I have always wanted to be in a book group.

Now it’s almost midnight, and I have to go to sleep. Hope your day was as productive as mine was!

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! to Bethany for bringing over Quinland and Hannah’s boxes of Girl Scout cookies.
  • I’m lighter! by a hide-a-bed sofa, two armchairs, and an ottoman. David has to figure out how to deliver them tomorrow.

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