Happy Valentine’s Day!

Last night I took Quinland to Fred Meyer to get valentines for her friends. She didn’t want traditional comic characters or pop stars or even construction paper and doilies. No, she wanted to bake them some Valentine goodness.

She baked a pan of brownies last night before bed. [Note: She totally should have been in bed already. I informed her that I was going to be a bad parent by letting her stay up to do it, and her dad was going to be a bad parent by not noticing, since it was Board Game Night.] This morning, she cut them into hearts for her friends. They were adorable. OK, apparently that is a bad adjective. Bad mom! Bad!

I don’t know which adjectives are acceptable. I am not allowed to say anything Quinland does is darling, because apparently that word is not age-appropriate and I sound like a senior citizen.

Let us try again: The brownies were cool. They looked good. They smelled great. It was a unique and original idea. (All of these far better and more acceptable words and phrases are being fed to me by my Valentine, Quinland.)

Luckily she loves me and says I can write whatever I want in my blog. And also I am her best friend. And she bought me flowers. Which she is going to pay me back for when she has money. She can’t believe I am writing this stuff on my blog. I am basically just taking dictation at this point. (“Really? You are so ridiculous. Seriously. Stop doing that.”) I also need to mention that she did not use the words “senior citizen.” That was my own translation.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! We had a Glee-ful night tonight; we were so excited to see Sam from the Glee Project! (We are huge Damian fans, however, so we really don’t want to see him go.)

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for the Death Cold starting to ease up on me a bit.
  • I’m lighter! I had my pre-Europe physical today, and except for “Eat healthy food and get more exercise,” things look good (although this doctor agrees that the ankle looks weird).

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