Lighting a fire under our behinds

Fire in Dumpster

David and I are not what you’d call high-energy people. We are more like laid-back-borderline-slug people. Since we are both pretty complacent, neither one of us can really get the other one motivated. This can be detrimental to our ever actually getting anything accomplished.

Take our bedroom (please). When all the eBay and garage sale stuff was being sorted and sold, our bedroom became a combination staging area and junk heap. Boxes of excess stuff, laundry baskets full of clean clothes that needed to be put in the dressers we couldn’t quite get to, piles of papers that had been hastily piled on the floor since it was bedtime … and who sorts papers on the bed, anyway? (Lori raises her hand.)

So after the garage sale 12 days ago, we were dying to restore our bedroom to its former just-kind-of-messy glory. But did we? No. David had a game day or two, I went out with friends an evening or two, we worked on other rooms (six carloads have been brought to Goodwill so far, and we are still going strong). Every night, we managed to find something better to do.

Finally, this morning, I asked David what we needed to do to actually rescue the bedroom. I mentioned that if $100,000 were at stake, I could clean the place up in no time, but that otherwise I couldn’t seem to tackle it. He decided that we should pretend that we are going to have house guests arriving any day now who are going to be sleeping in our room, and we have to have it ready to go by this weekend.

So after leg therapy tonight, I dove in. Luckily the Blazers made the fourth quarter of their game against the Clippers virtually unwatchable so I wasn’t tempted by the television. I filled another Goodwill box with clothes. I recycled an entire wastebasketful of magazines without reading them. I reorganized my bookcase so I could fit my magazine basket on one shelf instead of on the floor beside my bed. I folded and put away two loads of laundry. I was on fire.

Am I done? No way. But I made a start, and I am proud of what I accomplished. That’s a pretty successful evening, if you ask me!

Photo by Ben Watts – thank you!

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for the chance to hang out with Deb and Beth tonight!
  • I’m lighter! by a big pile of clothes in the Goodwill box and another big pile in the garbage. You know it’s sad when you have been wearing clothes that you then determine are too scruffy to give to Goodwill.

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