Sleeping pill perplexity

Photo by Sean MacEntee

In order to keep my immune system nicely tamped down, they smack it around with some prednisone once a month. If any of you have taken steroids in any amount, you may know that they can make it hard to sleep. I’m taking over a gram of prednisone on pulse steroids day, so I am usually pretty jacked up that night. Unfortunately, on Saturday night I neglected to take a sleeping pill.

This oversight did not come to my attention until about 3 am Sunday morning, as I blazed through the archives of The Lettered Cottage at warp speed, feeling as happy as a clam – and as wide-awake as a bat. At that point, I began to worry. I’d had no sleep, but if I took a sleeping pill at that point, I might sleep the whole next day away. I decided to just go to bed and try to fall asleep if at all possible. I probably fell asleep somewhere between 5 or 6 Sunday morning. David somehow got me up and to church, where I was a bit unsteady on my feet but managed to make it through. I then stayed awake most of the afternoon, fell asleep on David’s shoulder around 6, and barely held it together until 8 or so, when I took a sleeping pill.

Here’s where the perplexity comes in. The dang temazepam – which I take every month on steroid night – usually stays in my system for about 12 hours. Today, however, I could not wake up. Not at 8, twelve hours later, when the alarm went off; not at 8:30, when David propped me up in bed and I promptly fell back to sleep in a sitting position; not at 9, when I had to call my boss and explain that I couldn’t come in to work yet. Luckily, he told me to stay home, because I promptly fell over and slept for another 5 hours. Even at 2 pm, I tried to sit up to read and had to lie back down again, where – surprise! – I fell back to sleep. Now it is 4, and I am forcing myself to stay awake and upright so I can go to leg therapy at 5 and get trained on exercises I can do with stretchy bands while we are on the trip.

I have always thought I was borderline narcoleptic, since I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. This, however, is too much!

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for the chance to give my body the sleep it so obviously needs.
  • I’m lighter! by a dresser, which David sold twice in the last 24 hours. The first lady changed her mind but told him to keep the deposit she’d left yesterday, and then he just sold it for real about 10 minutes ago. Considering we made more than what we’d bought it for at a garage sale ten years ago, I’d say we got our money’s worth. I guess that new coat of paint way back when was well worth it. (A lot of alliteration from anxious anchors…)

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