Good grief!

My laptop has been suffering from a disease called BSOD. This foul malady has struck my not-so-little guy down in the not-so-prime of life. Apparently, it is not fatal – yet – although the whole “Blue Screen of Death” name is a bit nerve-wracking.

We are looking for a new (or new-to-us) electronic device to take to Europe with us, as it doesn’t seem wise to a) haul a 2005 Dell laptop (all 10 pounds of it) around with us, especially if b) it is dying a slow and painful death.

Painful? you may well ask…  YES. Painful.

Not to the laptop, of course. I do realize that electronic equipment does not have nerves and thus cannot feel pain. The pain is being inflicted upon me.  Three times this week, I have been writing a blog post when the computer has suddenly blue-screened. I get so dang frustrated that I just give up and go to bed. Life is too short for that kind of stress.

Still, I have missed all of you. I have great plans to finish up all those unwillingly-aborted posts, so you may hear from me a great deal this weekend.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for the trip, regardless of how much I stress out about it.
  • I’m lighter! by a pair of Adidas track suit pants which were handed down to me so many years ago that I am sure that they have been unfashionable for ten years.

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