Give it away, give it away, give it away now…

Chilies from my garden
Photo by Jennifer Juniper mom

Photo goes with title; post goes with title. Does this mean photo goes with post? Not so much. I shall press on, regardless.

When I began this blog, I thought my biggest challenge in the whole Lighten Up plan would be getting rid of my excess belongings. I was right, in more ways than one…

At first, it was hard to get rid of anything at all. I loved my stuff; that was the reason I had acquired it in the first place! Remember when I gave away a single book, reluctantly? But as I have gotten used to paring down, deciding what to get rid of has become easier and easier. I have gotten pretty good at assessing an object’s usefulness and value to me, and I know when a space has become too cluttered.

Yet, Houston, I still have a problem: backlog. No longer do I agonize over what to get rid of; now I agonize over how to get rid of things. I still want to be able to sell my used books or have another garage sale or pass something on to a specific person who will love it. Well, that’s not entirely true. I have been sending stuff to Goodwill pretty regularly the past couple of weeks. But there seems to be a threshold above which I still want to get some money out of things (“This is brand new! I should sell this on eBay! Craigslist! Somewhere! I can’t just send that to Goodwill!“) or else give them to someone who will appreciate them (“You can’t give a Robyn Hitchcock t-shirt to Goodwill! They won’t know what a rare gem they have!“). So the bench by my front door is piled with things that need to be delivered to Certain People (who may or may not have any desire for the item, mind you) in order for me to feel comfortable letting them go.

I can admit how ridiculous it is, when I think about it. It’s as though that A House t-shirt is a kitten that needs to be given to a good home instead of going to the pound. True, there may be only seven people in the Portland metro area who would appreciate it properly, and the chances of it meeting its true soulmate owner would be slim, but at least I would be giving it a proper chance. Stuck in my home, it is not being worn; it is just being clung to as a memento of a fabulous band and a fabulous time in our lives.

Set the dang things free, Lori. Just give them away. Now.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for the wonderful taco y margarita fest that Don and Nancy (David and Marsha?) threw for us on Friday night. Much fun was had by all. We can’t wait for the Welcome Back shindig!
  • I’m lighter! by a handful of photos, a bunch of photo split backs, and a few zillion fragmented files. Here’s hoping the cleanup and defrag go a long way toward eliminating the BSOD.

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