A blog post a day keeps the…

I set a goal about six months ago to blog every day. It seemed like a good exercise in self-discipline. Setting routines is very easy for me; keeping routines going is very difficult. I gave myself one loophole: if for some reason I could not blog on a particular day, I had to make it up. My average had to stay at one post a day.

I have been pretty darn successful so far. I’ve gotten some grief from my darling husband, who has seen me one too many times huddled over my laptop in bed, in the dark, trying to get something posted before the clock strikes midnight.

This month just about killed me. Somehow I managed to miss blogging on eight days in February; I blame the Blue Screen of Death for about half of that. I’ve been trying to get my average back up, but it’s been a killer. Even on the days I do post, I have found it very difficult to post more than once, time-wise.

If I can get this up in the next 10 minutes, I will only be one off my average. On that note, I shall leave you with a little musical interlude from an old favorite. One of the perks of being a teen superstar is that even 30 years later, you still look young. His voice is still perfect, and his fingers fly faster than the speed of light.

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