“We’re making a list, and checking it every five minutes…”

As you may recall, David and I were awakened at 4:45 am on a Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago by our partying neighbors, so we decided to make a list of everything that had to get done before we go on our trip in ELEVEN DAYS. Did I happen to mention that we leave for six months in Europe in ELEVEN DAYS? Because we do. Not that I am counting or anything. (And not that it is actually only ONE WEEK AND FOUR DAYS from today.)

Sorry. Back to the list. At its peak, the list contained about 250 items. Some of those were ridiculous – my doctor told me I should have a mammogram before the trip – and some were essential – book a place to stay in Lisbon ASAP. We have spent a fair amount of time in the last week trying to get the list pared down to a reasonable number of things that really need to get done before we leave.

David has been knocking stuff off the list one by one this past week. He has cleaned the house and kept it tidy, taken stuff to Goodwill, sold various items all over town, made and attended doctor appointments and emailed people to make plans. I have done loads and loads of laundry, worked very hard on booking a place in Lisbon, and worked on getting our financial ducks in a row.

There is still so much to do. We have only two weekends to do it all. As always, wish us luck.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for the good work Charles did on my leg today. I really needed it.
  • I’m lighter! by another carload of Goodwill stuff. I also filed a ton of papers today.

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