Not-so-pearly whites

New Toothbrush
Photo by meddygarnet

Whew! I am coming out of the funk. Let’s blame it on hormones and move on, shall we?

Today we tag-teamed at Kaiser Dental. I’d called about four weeks ago to get appointments for all of us to get our teeth cleaned before the trip, only to discover that they were booking six weeks out. Yikes! We got waitlisted, but I got a call about a week ago that they could fit all three of us in on the same day. Whoo hoo!

It was comical. David took Quinland before school, then drove back home and dropped her off during first period class. He then returned to Kaiser for an eye appointment at 11:30, went home (I think… who even knows at this point) and returned at 2 for his own dental appointment. I took the bus to my 3:00 appointment there, only to discover that David wasn’t out yet. So we had a little rendezvous in the lovely waiting room and then rode home together.

All three of us saw the same hygienist, who encouraged us all to floss more and use the water pik regularly. I got a clean bill of dental health, while D and Q get to go back to finish things up. Because we are short-timers, that requires paying extra for “emergency” appointments… if we can get them.

I can tell that this post is dying a sudden and painful death, but I am too tired to figure out what is wrong and make it right. Of course, I now have “Let Me Be There” by Olivia Newton-John stuck in my head. Hooray.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for a fun Blazer game with my girl. We won (beat the Hornets, which was a minor sort of accomplishment) and just had a great time. Happy to see Joel Przybilla back in the lineup!
  • I’m lighter! by a ton of paperwork at work. It is amazing how a little thing like a deadline (combined with a little thing called “Patti is doing my regular work”) can make you wrap up all sorts of loose ends, clean out your files, and just generally get things spic and span. (Soon we will have to research the meaning of that phrase.)

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