A litter of friends

Five Of Ten
Photo by me’nthedogs

Quinland is having a last hurrah sleepover. There are five lovely girls snuggled up in my house tonight.

I love those girls.

I love their snarky humor and their hysterical laughing and their desire to sit five-in-a-row on the couch watching TV.

I love the fact that all five of them are going to sleep in a strange bed configuration they made out of mattresses and blankets and pillows.  I hope they are going to sleep… right now they are giggling and talking and getting comfortable.

I’m thankful that they could all sleep over tonight on a moment’s notice. Q asked if she could have friends over after school (today was her last day of 7th grade since we depart on Monday) – we said, “Of course.” Then after we got home from work, she asked if they could all sleep over. We said, “Of course,” but then David appended a 10 AM ending time. Tonight was supposed to be Packing Night, so we need all the time we can get to pack tomorrow.

I’m thankful that Quinland has such awesome friends; that she has had such an amazing 7th grade year; that she is such a good girl.

We are very blessed.

Daily Check-In: (for yesterday, since I am behind a day)

  • I’m grateful! for Mitch and Nicole and Maudie. They brought us pizza and laughed with us and talked German Travel. (Chaplinsky! I did.)
  • I’m lighter! by a ton of file folders and binders from under my desk at work. It is going to be so clean while I am gone, no one will believe it.

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