A minor health setback

Doctor Themed Cupcakes
Photo by clevercupcakes

Q started feeling sick last night: headache, stomach ache, and a weird throat-clearing cough. By the time I went to bed, she had a slight fever. By this morning, it was 101.2 and she had a horribly sore throat. Off to Kaiser!

Her rapid strep test was negative, but since she had a fever, a resting pulse rate of 114 (!), swollen glands and a very red throat, they decided to put her on IV fluids and IV antibiotics and to check for mono. We will probably get the results before we leave… as in, right before our flight from LA to Paris departs. They sent us with antibiotics just in case.

There goes a significant portion of the short time we have left! But the difference in Q’s attitude and spirits is amazing. This morning, she could barely raise her head, and now she is blaring The Killers as she finishes her packing. Hooray!

Daily Check-In:

I’m grateful! for the wonderful nurse practitioner we saw at Kaiser today. She was so kind to Q and so understanding of our travel dilemma.

I’m lighter! by about 5 hours. I will no longer be going to the mall for last-minute things I want for the trip, nor will I be doing many of the things I thought were “essential.” Wish me luck.

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