Day 2 – Arriving in Lisbon

Day 2 = March 13, 2012

It’s Lisbon! We have finally arrived in Lisbon! After three posts’ worth of boring airline stories, the F/Ts are finally going to write about Europe!

Why, yes, we are.

We arrived in Lisbon with exactly 100 euros. We were lucky to have that, as it was a gift from Christine when she visited from Ireland last March. This is noteworthy for two reasons: 1) the euro didn’t become obsolete in the last year! Hooray! and 2) Lori kept track of an item for an entire year! Yes, yes, I did. You can all be very proud of my organizational skills.

We put some of this money to very good use by calling Miguel, our new landlord. He was patiently waiting for us at the apartment, as our plane was late. We then tried to replenish our stock of euros – and have enough to pay Miguel – by getting cash from an ATM. This worked for one of our bank cards, but not for the other, so we were not going to have quite enough money to pay for the apartment up front, as we were supposed to. (This was why we had tried to find an ATM in Paris.)

No time to solve that problem at the moment – we needed to catch a cab! We piled our million heavy bags into the trunk, climbed in, and proceeded to arrive at our new home only 15 minutes and 8 euros later.

We were met at the door by Miguel, who was very kind and volunteered to haul a huge bag up to the third floor for us. We loaded ourselves up with the rest of the bags and began to hike. We will not need a stairmaster in Lisbon, I can tell you that.

Miguel showed us all around, asked us if we had questions, answered us at great length, and was all-around charming. He was very gracious about getting only 3/4 of his money, and just asked us to leave the rest at the end of our stay. He left us there, and we peeked out the window and saw this:

The view from our living room window.

It’s lovely. The rooftop with the flags is supposed to be the hottest nightclub in Portugal. We will probably never go there since, as a group, we are both too old and too young, but apparently it is a well-known fixture in the hip scene. If Raina were here, she would go there, but we will content ourselves with gazing at it from afar.

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