Day 2 – Settling in

Day 2 = March 13, 2012

This will be a short little post. David and Quinland walked up to Santa Apolonia station, where there is a little grocery store. I stayed at home and put my leg up for a little while.

This is MS Awareness Week, so I’m going to give you a little MS awareness. People with MS can have muscle weakness, not because there is anything wrong with their muscles, but because the nerves are not transmitting the messages from the brain correctly (“Move, I said! Move!”). For me, this makes my left leg feel like it weighs about five times* as much as my right leg, because the muscles are not working together to move it. At the same time, however, the nerves to my skin are misfiring all over creation, making every skin sensation that much more acute. When I walk a long distance, my left foot feels as though it has walked five times* as far as my right foot, because each time it strikes the ground I feel it that much more.  Having walked through every square meter of Charles de Gaulle Airport, I was not going to be doing any additional walking.

(*”Five times” is a non-scientific term that can be roughly translated to “way more” or “a whole bunch” – some people are picky about this sort of thing.)

There you go. Bob’s your uncle. Do you feel more aware? Good. We can go on.

They returned from the shop; David cooked a lovely meal of pork chops, potatoes and salad; we started to unpack and put things away; and then we all fell into a dreamy sleep. Just as I plan to do right now. Boa noite!

Expenditures: Water at the airport; phone call to Miguel; taxi to the apartment; most of the rent; groceries.

Experiences: Riding on Lisbon’s narrow streets, renting a holiday apartment, shopping for Portuguese groceries.

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