Day 3 – Still not quite settled

Day 3 = March 14, 2012

I have a feeling it is going to take a while for us to settle into a routine.

We all woke up pretty late on Wednesday morning. It was a pretty leisurely time: checking emails, having breakfast, unpacking, and discovering what random things we had stuffed into our bags at the last minute. As David said, any single thing looked at independently could seem entirely reasonable, but put together it was all just too much. I haven’t even figured out what all of the electronic cords go to yet.

By virtue of having gone without sleep for the entire night before the trip, I was still pretty wiped out, and my leg was still bugging me. David was itching to do some sightseeing and wanted to hike up to the Largo da Graca which is pretty much straight uphill behind our apartment. I begged off, promising to finish unpacking, tidy up the apartment, learn how to use the new camera, and take pictures of everything.

I started working on the unpacking. Then I decided to lie down and rest. Just for a few minutes, of course.

Five hours later, I woke up. David and Quinland were home from their walk with exciting tales of cool things they had seen:

Q’s photo from the hill behind our apartment
Rooftops of Lisbon
View from Largo da Graca
Castelo Sao Jorge (and the bridge over the Tejo)

In fact, they’d been home for ages and were just patiently waiting for me to awaken so we could get ready to go to our first Game Night.

The weekly Lisbon board game meet-up is held on Wednesdays at a little natural-foods restaurant. The cafeteria-style restaurant and a few tables are downstairs, and there are many more tables upstairs. We took the subway to get there. Nowadays, the subway has these cool “zapper” cards that you load with money and then scan on the way in and out of each station. You are charged on the way out based on the distance you traveled. David piloted us from the subway station to the restaurant with ease. He obviously put his in-flight free time to better use than I did. We ordered food with varying levels of confidence (David = much confidence, Lori = much less confidence, Quinand = much frustration) and ended up with way too much. We had been warned of this by travel guidebooks: Portuguese servings are huge.

The people at the Game Night were friendly, but we got there at an awkward hour when everyone there was already in the middle of one game or another. We had brought Dominion cards, so we started a game while we waited. During our game, however, Quinland suddenly deteriorated. Jet lag and lingering illness caught up with him, and he began to fall asleep between turns (a la Zumu). It was obvious that our game time had ended, so we wished everyone a good night and headed back home.

I seem to be having trouble with bedtimes in Portugal. I so want to write on each of the blogs, but I never seem to get on the computer until late at night, and then I never seem to get off. I am definitely going to have to work on that!

Expenditures: Subway cards and fares, dinner at Passion Fruit.

Experiences: Subway ride, ordering in a Portuguese restaurant, meeting some Portuguese gamers (Nuno and Tiago) from BGG.

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