Home away from home, part 2

We love it here.

This is our fabulous apartment, our new home in Lisbon.

David has been so pleased with it that he has been complimenting it – and me for finding it – over and over. “What a great place this is.” “How did you ever find this place?” “We are so lucky to be living here.” “We are going to be spoiled after this, because we will never find such a great place anywhere else.”

It is right near a train station, a Metro station, a post office, and a grocery store. We have a view of the river and of the Lux nightclub, which rumor has it is the Best Nightclub Ever. (Ask me again after tonight if I still love it here… I have no idea how loud that place is on the weekends.)

The kitchen is stocked with free wine, and if we drink it all, we are supposed to just ask for more. We won’t drink it all, but it’s a happy thought.

Don’t forget to plug in your keys!

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for David, who booked us flights to Barcelona and to Munich in April (and also to Nicole and Bryann’s companies for sending them on business trips to Germany! Whoo hoo!)
  • I’m lighter! I just feel so much better today after getting on a regular sleep schedule. Oh, and my Blazers are lighter by exactly one coach and by Lynette’s favorite, Gerald Wallace. Hmph.

All photos by David. Check out his photo-a-day blog at europix.tumblr.com

6 thoughts on “Home away from home, part 2

  1. Soooooooo happy for you three! The hyperlink to David’s pics didn’t work for me. Can you post full address? Love and hugs!!!!


  2. Hi lori. Apartment looks fabulous. Read your lighten up blog on my mobile phone last night – some beautiful writing in your blog. Enjoy lisbon. Christine


    1. Thanks for the compliment – I am blushing. We are having such a great time here. I promise to give you advance notice when we are heading your way!


  3. Looks beautiful and sounds excellent ! Thanks for the peek into your vacation world !!! Enjoy this day. Portugal, one of my very favorite places in the whole world…


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