Pulse steroid day in Lisbon

So far, so good.

Slept most of the day away, then got a second wind. I took a sleeping pill over an hour ago and have still not succumbed, though if I am making no sense right now, I apologize.

Let’s see if the dang things kick me to the curb tomorrow or Tuesday.

xo – Lori

Daily Check-In:

I’m grateful! for the incredible Chicken Parmesan dinner David made tonight (though I am becoming a wiz at whipping up salad dressings from scratch with no recipe) and to Quinland for hanging the laundry on the line quite expertly.

I’ve been thinking about the first category of the Lighten Up Mission: “Live a relaxed, stress-free life.   Fill my mind with positive thoughts.” Something the priest said at Mass this morning really made me think that this should contain a different component: “Turn over my worries and stresses to God in prayer and meditation.”  Heck, there are a lot of categories that need an overhaul, I think. But I will take it slow.

  • Lighten Up – Enjoyed the Mass and the insights I received.
  • Lighten My Heart – Had a nice dinner with D & Q, but slept most of the day away.
  • Lighten My Life – Cleaned up and lesson-planned when I had energy, slept when I needed to.
  • Lighten the Load – Not much progress on this today.
  • Lighten Myself – Did my steroids, took calcium, slept when I needed it. D & Q did school while I slept, as they will tomorrow.

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